Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Most of us will suffer with obsessive thoughts once in a while; usually when we are very worried and stressed. You may have noticed that you are feeling the need to check certain things more often and that you are feeling more anxious than usual.

When we become very stressed and anxious our primitive instincts will step in and will start to take control. When this happens you may find yourself having repeating thoughts or behaviours or checking things more often. Our instincts will tell us to do this more and more so our behaviour becomes a regular habit. It can then take over to the point where we don’t think about or do anything else. You may find that if you do not repeat the behaviour then you will become worried about that too which only reinforces the stress.

Solution focused hypnotherapy techniques will help you break this negative cycle and alter the thinking patterns that keep us trapped, into more productive and healthy ones. Once you start to think positively, this will start to become second nature in the brain; this positive approach will become automatic. When this happens we will get control back and live more fulfilled lives.