Sessions & Fees

I am based in Exeter and offer one to one sessions in a relaxing and comfortable environment with full COVID 19 safety measures in place for those who are not able to access online therapy for any reason. (Please see measures as stated below and what will be expected.) I offer online therapy via Zoom, Teams or Skype. I also offer phone support for those that prefer it.

Initial Consultation:

To make that first step you will need to contact me to book an initial consultation. You can do this by phone on 07989 944053 or by email or via the contact form at the back of this website. When we meet this will be an informal session where we will talk about the issues you are facing and how you would like things to change. We can discuss how the brain works and and why problems can develop and how hypnotherapy can help. I will give you a free audio and ask you to play this each night before the first session. No therapy takes place during this meeting.

Subsequent Sessions:

Here we will begin each session by talking through what progress has been made, solutions to be used in going forward followed by a guided trance session to consolidate the discussion. You will need to listen to the audio each night for the duration of therapy.

General Information:

The average length of treatment will vary from client to client and is dependant on each client’s needs and circumstances. I am very much led by the client so will be guided by you as to how many sessions are needed. We will review your progress each week and discuss how you are feeling. It is important to note that therapy is very much a collaboration and not a magic wand. Nothing is 100% guaranteed but it will be more effective for you when you are willing to participate.

For those that prefer online sessions you will need access to a high speed internet connection and a web camera. You will also need Zoom or Skype.


Each session is £60 and can be paid for by bank transfer, cash or cheque. If paying by bank transfer this must be paid prior to the session.

Terms and Conditions:

My cancellation policy requires at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation via phone, text or email. If your appointment is cancelled with less notice then the full session fee will apply.

If you develop COVID 19 symptoms on the day of your appointment, please inform me as soon as is possible. We will need to re-arrange your appointment for 14 days’ time. If you have a COVID 19 test and it proves negative, we may be able to re-arrange for a sooner date.

Should you arrive late for a session please let me know as soon as possible. I will do my best to accommodate this however it will be dependant on subsequent sessions and so may not always be possible. If your session needs to be curtailed due to your late arrival then the session fee remains payable in full.


Social distancing and COVID 19 safety measures.

Preparing for your appointment:

You will need to sign a symptom declaration form and return to me by email 24 hours prior to your appointment. If this is not possible, I will need a text confirming your symptom declaration. Verbal declaration is not sufficient.

To reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19 at the premises you will need to bring your own blanket and water for each therapy session.

NOTE: the toilet will not be in use.

No cash payments are currently accepted due to risk of infection. Please ensure that payment has been made online prior to your appointment. Please let me know when payment has been made,

On arriving for your appointment:

You will be seen into the property (please follow at a distance of 2 metres) where there will be hand sanitizer for your use in the hallway. In the therapy room your seat will be placed 2 metres from the therapist’s chair. The therapist will remain 2 metres from you throughout the session.

Your chair will have a removable cover which will be cleaned or disposed of at the end of your session.

The window will be open for ventilation purposes.

At the end of your session:

You will be asked to wait while the therapist will open the door for you to leave.

The therapy room will be thoroughly cleaned after each session.