Whatever your addiction might be; drugs, alcohol sex, gambling, the internet; if it has taken over your life, you have tried to stop many times without success, you are worried you will lose your job, it has ruined your relationships, you are using your addiction to make yourself feel better, then it is time to change and live a more positive life; one that you have control over.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help with addictions whatever they might be. Our primitive instincts will encourage us to repeat certain behaviours, even unhelpful ones so that habits form and take hold. It can get to the point where there is no room in your mind for anything else.

When we are in this negative cycle of behaviour the primitive instinct will have so much control over us there is not much else left in our lives. In therapy we can start to reduce the impact of the negative cycle which will help you to have more control over your life,

Once you start to think positively, this will start to become second nature in the brain; this positive approach will become automatic. When this happens you can regain and maintain control of the way you behave and find a more useful way of coping with life’s stresses.