Since I began attending sessions with Sallie, I have seen a significant and positive change in my mental state over a relatively short space of time. Sallie was fantastic at discussing and establishing what I wanted to change about myself. She has helped guide me towards my goals and I have felt comfortable around her from the very beginning. I am now able to relax and deal positively with various situations that I used to find difficult. I highly recommend Sallie for anyone that is looking and willing to change their life in a positive way.


I have had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Sallie and would highly recommend her. It made a great difference for me in what was a difficult year and whilst I was not sure at first and was slightly sceptical, the changes in me started from the very first session. Sallie explained in detail what happens when we get anxious and it really helped me to understand and to start to control it. The sessions made a huge difference to how I coped and my ability to relax. Thank you so much Sallie.


Sallie is a very capable and professional hypnotherapist and I can’t recommend the service she provides enough. I chose to try hypnotherapy as an alternative to grief counselling after losing someone very close to me. After just a few sessions I went from being completely overwhelmed with grief and feeling totally lost to being able to cope with the many emotions of grief and loss.By using “solution focused hypnotherapy” the coping techniques Sallie gave me were uniquely tailor made for me following the discussions we’d have each session without having to focus on the painful memories. I’m so glad I chose Sallie and the method of solution focused hypnotherapy over the conventional grief counselling it was absolutely the right choice!