Sallie, thank you so much for my hypnotherapy sessions over the past year. I liked the way you gave me infomation about how our minds works and how to deal with anxieties and stresses. It is really good to have therapy that focuses on the positives and how to move forward.  Caroline


Sallie is a very capable and professional hypnotherapist and I can't recommend the service she provides enough. I chose to try hypnotherapy as an alternative to grief counselling after losing someone very close to me. After just a few sessions I went from being completely overwhelmed with grief and feeling totally lost to being able to cope with the many emotions of grief and loss.By using "solution focused hypnotherapy" the coping techniques Sallie gave me were uniquely tailor made for me following the discussions we'd have each session without having to focus on the painful memories. I'm so glad I chose Sallie and the method of solution focused hypnotherapy over the conventional grief counselling it was absolutely the right choice!  Samantha


Thank you very much for all your help and what you have done to help me to improve my confidence and happiness during sessions. This has had a big impact on my friends and family as they are happier as well and have noticed a difference in me. You have taught me how to encourage my improved confidence levels through breathing exercises and using trance. Thank you for all your help. Kai (age 14)


Sallie came highly recommended as she has a wealth of experience working with young people. Our daughter was struggling with anxiety and was finding it difficult to articulate what was worrying her. We met Sallie and I instantly saw a connection between them both. Sallie understood our daughter. As we live some distance away we decided to Skype instead of the usual face to face sessions. The Skype sessions were a brilliant idea. My daughter completely opened up to Sallie and felt safe enough to say anything to her in the sessions together. We saw a huge change in our daughter's emotional well-being in a very short space of time. Sallie is so kind and gentle, qualities that made the sessions with our daughter such a success. We are keeping the door open for any top up sessions if and when required. Thank you for all you have done Sallie. Rachel . 


When I first saw Sallie my anxiety levels were high and my confidence was down. Thanks to Sallie I now greet each day with a smile and treat each day as an opportunity. Thank you so much. Dave. I'm not sure I can show how grateful I am but it's a start. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support and for being my cheerleader/guru. I'll be forever grateful. Nic xx 


 I have had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Sallie and would highly recommend her. It made a great difference for me in what was a difficult year and whilst I was not sure at first and was slightly sceptical, the changes in me started from the very first session. Sallie explained in detail what happens when we get anxious and it really helped me to understand and to start to control it. The sessions made a huge difference to how I coped and my ability to relax. Thank you so much Sallie. Jacky 


Sallie has been such a blessing in a time of great need. From breakdown to recovery, Sallie helped me motor to a very successful recovery through her brilliant care and therapy. So thank you. Pat I was trying to cope with some serious family health issues (the serious illness of a child) and also work problems and not managing to deal with these very well. I contacted Sallie and took a series of sessions. Sallie has a great interest and understanding of how our minds work and patiently explained the different processes and reactions that we go through in the mind as life throws its problems (and pleasures) at you. With these explanations and with the hypnotherapy and trance she has helped me to lessen the impact of the problems I am facing. Some of these are ongoing and cannot be removed, so learning to lessen the impact has been a huge help. Thank you Sallie. Edward 


I visited Sallie recently to see if there was any way that she could help me to reduce the amount of food I consume in order to reduce weight and enhance fitness. She taught me a lot about how the brain works and other things which were likely to make me reduce my appetite.She explained that there were things called neural pathways which establish routes through the brain by which things (such as appetite) could be affected or controlled. She gave me hypnotherapy a number of times as well as suggested adjustments to attitudes in life and i noticed the results of our planning worked most effectively in that I was I was quite easily able to decline the offer of second helpings and move to smaller portions. My attitude to the whole aspect of diet altered, and she explained how the good feeling I was experiencing in so doing was significant and could be applied to other things in life. I can recommend Sallie in the way in which she goes about explaining not only how the method works but also by describing the functions that underlie these principles so that it all makes sense; and in my case adjusting certain elements of lifestyle. John 


I can't recommend Sallie highly enough. She is committed beyond the call of duty,very supportive and acutely perceptive. It is not an overstatement to say that she saved my life at a really difficult time when almost everyone else had given up. Liz 


Sallie helped me with anxiety over family issues following the death of my father. Without her help I would have had a complete breakdown. She is understanding, kind and helps you to talk through issues and come out the end in a positive state. The relaxation sessions are brilliant and I have nothing but respect for her professionalism and help. I was not sure about it all when I first went but could not be where I am now without her help. Jo 


Sallie was amazing at helping me overcome my performance anxiety that had caused me to under-perform and fail a professional exam several times. She was easy to talk to, and explained what was going on in my head and how we were going to tackle it. The weekly initial trance sessions were surprisingly easy to relax in and the more focussed sessions in the lead up to the exam filled me with positivity....and need I say that the exam was a walk in the park!! Thanks so much for your help. Laurence 


I went to Sallie as I had suffered with anxiety for a number of years. This anxiety had manifested itself into a fear of pregnancy and giving birth, so once I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed to do something about it. Sallie is friendly, personable and has a very calming nature. She makes it very easy to talk to her about your anxieties and explains thoroughly how the brain works and why we end up feeling the way we do and the ways in which we can ‘re-programme' our brains. After just a few sessions with Sallie, I already felt a lot more at ease and quickly learned techniques to help me relax and let go of my fears. I am now feeling much more positive about my pregnancy and the changes to my body. I am now excited rather than nervous and embracing my ever growing tummy! I’m also feeling a lot more confident about giving birth and I can’t wait to start my hypno-birthing sessions with Sallie in a few months time. I know the techniques I have learnt with Sallie will help me in many aspects of my life, not just during my pregnancy and for this I am truly thankful. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and Sallie Horner to anyone suffering with anxiety. Thank you Sallie! Tanya 


I was very sceptical at first wondering how or if it would help me, as I had booked a holiday abroad but then got worked up and anxious about flying and leaving everyone at home. But with Sallie's help it was a wonderful holiday stress free. Even my husband noticed the difference in me. Irene.


Dear Sallie,

I just wanted to thank you for all your care and kindness in our hypnotherapy sessions. When I first came to see you I felt as if my life was unravelling and the anxiety indeed insomnia made me permanently exhausted and unable to cope with day to day things. After my sessions with you I undrestand what was happening and I am able to sleep again. I have returned to my happy life, fulfilled life, back doing the things I love. Thank you so much . Jennie x 


Dear Sallie I Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping to turn my world around for the better! I can't tell you how much I've gained from the sessions, but it's been the most positive thing I've done and has led to great things, thank you so much. Anna x Sallie has been an inspiration and a huge help to me over the past few difficult months. Her calm and professional advice along with relaxing weekly trance sessions have been pivotal to overcoming and tackling my personal and family difficulties. Sallie has helped me to recognise and break down big barriers that I was sometimes aware of, unaware of or ignoring. She is a very skilled, compassionate and mindful person and I cannot thank her enough. Justine De Genaro 


Sallie was recomended to me by a friend. I was suffering from stress, anxiety and palpitations. During each session I rated my happiness and confidence etc and my first scores averaged three out of ten. As the weeks progressed my numbers really increased. After eight weeks all my scores were ten out of ten. My confidence was really soaring and still is. I can honestly recommend Sallie for her understanding and expertise in dealing with my problems. She put me immediately at my ease. I am the happiest I have been now in twently years. Tony I decided to try hypnotherapy to help me to prepare mentally for having IVF treatment, after struggling for three years to conceive naturally after the birth of my little girl, who was born stillborn. I had already completed one cycle of IVF which had not worked so I started hypnotherapy and had sessions weekly throughout the second cycle which was successful, I am a great believer that hypnotherapy had a helping hand in achieving our miracle   Hypnotherapy really helped me to relax, feel less anxious and helped me to enjoy the small things in everyday life again. I found that I was able to manage my work life balance much better and became a lot stronger in myself. Sallie is down to earth and really puts you at ease, is extremely genuine and her passion for hypnotherapy and belief in you is very encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone without a doubt and am really thankful for the support she has given me. Anna 


 I started to see Sallie because I was experiencing severe neck pain due to dystonia which was making it very difficult to sleep. I was getting very tired and everything seemed to get on top of me. After the first session I was able to go straight to sleep and more importantly back to sleep if I woke up. We then explored ways to try and reduce my stress and anxiety which was making my condition worse. I am now much more calm and positive, so much so that friends have commented on it. As a side effect I have stopped biting my nails after 50 years! I would recommend Sallie to anyone for her professional and humerous disposition which gave me immediate confidence in her. Above all she has taught me to relax! Jenny 


It's always daunting starting something new which you have never tried before, especially when you are struggling with mental health. I was particularly reluctant to give it a go but all of that anxiety diminished as soon as I met Sallie. She immediately puts you at ease and has a very calming demeanour. My experience has been extremely helpful and has played a big part in the improvement of my mental health. I am so grateful to Sallie and I would highly recommnend it to anyone looking to gain a much more positive outlook on life, because it works. Rob 


After over 25 years of drug abuse which ended with me hospitalised in a life threatening situation, I realised I had to make some big changes in my life. Having weekly hypnotherapy sessions with Sallie helped me overcome a lot of unresolved issues in my life. I am now enjoying a positive, happy life, and am feeling really confident. I am now able to be my true self. THANK YOU SALLIE. Simon 


I have just finished my hypnotherapy with Sallie. I didn't really think it would work and was very sceptical at the beginning but I was totally wrong! I don't know why I thought that now as hypnotherapy with Sallie has helped me change my whole outlook on life and I have gained so much from it. Take it from someone as sceptical as me, it works and I would really recommend hypnotherapy with Sallie.Tina 


Since I began attending sessions with Sallie, I have seen a significant and positive change in my mental state over a relatively short space of time. Sallie was fantastic at discussing and establishing what I wanted to change about myself. She has helped guide me towards my goals and I have felt comfortable around her from the very beginning. I am now able to relax and deal positively with various situations that I used to find difficult. I highly recommend Sallie for anyone that is looking and willing to change their life in a positive way. James 


Hypnotherapy wasn’t something I’d ever considered before, but after a chance conversation with Sallie I thought I’d give it a go. Although I’ve never liked flying, I’d recently returned from a holiday having been so scared on the plane that I vowed I would never go anywhere again if it involved flying. Sallie explained how hypnotherapy could help me with my phobia, and the thought that I might be able to explore the world feeling as happy and relaxed as the other passengers on the flight appeared really appealed! Sallie made me feel calm and relaxed throughout the sessions and really helped me to re-think the way I looked at things. Although I have not yet attempted to get back on a plane, I do feel that Sallie has armed me with the tools I need to give it a go. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone, there’s nothing scary or uncomfortable about it but for whatever your reason for going there is a lot to be gained. Helen 


Sallie has a natural empathy towards others. She understands that low morale and negative behavioural patterns can create a cycle of destructive ideas. Her consistency and concise exercising with the hypnotherapy techniques that she uses can over-power these negative thought processes. After thirteen weeks I changed how I had been thinking for a long time. I realised that people did not actually control me as I had thought but that I had the ability to be in control of my own destiny. My negativity and insecurities had affected many of my most important relationships. Now I have learned new ways of thinking about myself and how I see others and their actions and how they had seen me. I accepted the changes that I needed to make. By repeating the process step by step this happens naturally now and I can be the person I want to be. By doing this I have enriched my mind, my health and my relationships. Sandy 


From our very first session I felt Sallie made me feel at ease, very relaxed and had a genuine interest in what I wanted to achieve. Initially I didn’t know what to expect but found it a very relaxing experience. Sallie helped me in many ways, initially to help me with my emotional eating cycle, which after previously trying various methods had been successful. My journey has also helped to improve my self-confidence, and I am amazed at how effective it has been. I recently lost my beloved dog and feel that without having had that experience with Sallie I would not have coped as positively with it as I did. So for that Sallie I thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend Sallie; in fact I already have to a friend with anxiety issues. Lynn 


My name is Sue. I started seeing Sallie a few months ago. I had been struggling with some anxieties over the last few years and some of them were getting the better of me. I found that as I have got older, some everyday situations were becoming unmanageable. I was avoiding social gatherings and had begun to dread going out at all. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy, I suppose I didn't know anything about it. Sallie had me hooked though, after the first session. She is so easy to talk to; a wonderful listener. She has such a soft soothing voice as well, perfect for the relaxation part. I'm much more confident now. I have become quite a socialite again. I am much calmer and so happy.Once I learned how the process worked the positive thoughts and upbeat outlook feeds on itself and I was soon learning to live again. Thank you Sallie! Sue     


It started quite gradually at first then once I got the hang of it, things really started to change. I found myself digging deeply into my mind to search out and emphasize so many positive experiences, images and thoughts that are so easy to overlook. For years I have lived with low self-esteem and no motivation. I know now that there is another way. Sallie's approach is very laid back and easy but so affective. I have started to see glimpses of the "real me" I am becoming more organised, motivated and just happier.I am becoming the person I want to be and it’s such a simple process. I am looking forward to my future with new found confidence and I would recommend a course of Hypnotherapy to almost anyone. Matthew 


An effective, sensitive and personalised course of treatment that has helped me to make real progress with long-term problems I believed were insoluble.The patient and understanding approach and flexible application of the treatment meant that my experience was ideally suited to my situation, even allowing for me being a bit of a dim pupil initially! The solution-focussed approach has helped me cope with my chronic depression and insomnia, as well as making me feel more confident and improving my decision-making. Jim 


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