When people come for hypnotherapy initially they are often wary of going into trance. They are afraid of what might happen to them. There are many misconceptions about what it is, some coming from the media where clients are seen going into a really deep sleep and handing all control over to the hypnotherapist. In reality trance is nothing like this. We go in and out of trance very regularly throughout the day. It is a really common phenomenon. If your mind wonders off into a daydream while you are staring out of a window or sitting in the garden then this is trance. It is no scarier than remembering what you had for dinner last night! It is simply when your imagination takes over and you are lost in thought. We use trance every day to float ideas around out head. It could be that we imagine out next holiday, sitting by a sky blue pool and sipping a cocktail or wondering through some streets and admiring unusual architecture for example. We can also use trance to think negatively; we may find ourselves worried about situations at work and how they might turn out or remember a disagreement we had with a friend. Whether positive or negative we are lost to the present. Hypnotherapy uses the power of trance in a positive direction. We focus on how we want our lives to be. Planting suggestions in the brain, the mind then starts the process of change on our behalf. So no one can make us do anything that we do not want to do. There are no swinging pocket watches or looking into anyone’s eye at all. Just a gentle relaxing and calming experience.